Hello all, I would welcome comments on my photographs. Look forward (I think) to receiving them...use the Contact Us page to send your views/criticism.


checkin out the galleries etc and looking for any 2013 pics any of East Coast?
I now use your site in my classes showing the students Escocia. You have gone international young man!
Stevie B

Visit Scotland

Hi richard - I'm the chap that bumped into you at Calgary and on Ulva last month. Just seen your Visit Scotland gallery - some great pics.....well done. I got one or two White Tailed Eagle shots myself but none as good as yours! As you may recall, I witnessed the dolphins from Ulva but failed to get camera to eye in time - unlike you!
Congratulations on your website, which I am enjoying tremendously.

Nick Gage

Great stuff

some superb stuff here Ricky - great site. when are you exhibiting in London??? V best M
Mark Nicholson


You are an extremely talented photographer. Absolutely stunning pictures. I am VERY impressed.
Looking forward to seeing your next batch.
Love Mx
Mandy M

Congrats on the gallery

All the best Big Fella,wonderful gallery,beautifully done.cheers Davie. PS Whats it like turning the half century ???
Davie Lindsay in Oz

Re Pics

Mr Wells what can I say talented man - galleries are fantastic your talent is wasted.
The old man thinks the site and pics are fab
Top man
Willie G

Traprain Triumph

Fantastic shots of the Hunter and Bronco on Traprain Law. I was at the 'official' airshow at East Fortune so really appreciated seeing what these beasts got up to when our backs were turned. I love the smell of Jet-A in the mid-afternoon.
Michael Groves

your photos

hi Richard. I have enjoyed traveling around the world with your photos. Was the otter taken on Mull this March on one of arthurs tours? If it is you did well.
I like your website layout
art meredew and Shona

Your Pictures

Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Makes you want to travel the world and see the beauty of nature. Good luck with the competitions, you deserve it.


Hi Richard
Loved the pictures, your sensitivity and eye for beauty is so humbling. Thanks for all you showed me. Love Lucy


Hi Richard- your photos are amazing! I wish I could take landscape photos like this!


Nice pictures, Richard.. my fav is the church..
Also just browse through the Cairngorm in winter; they are superb!!

Well done old man, Your image is etched in the mind as the scree is scored in .the valley.....
Dave Lindsay


Great photos, brightened my day
Heather Linklater

The air show

Hi Richard, wonderful photographs, my husband will be soo jealous when he sees the air show photographs as we missed all the air shows this year due to holidays!
Lorraine Milne

enjoyed your site

Great Scotland photos. Nice work & site! Thanx

Air Show

very good! Liked all of them. I think the spitfire, byplane and typhoon are good.
Tom Crombie

Fab Photos!


What a fab selection of photos. I especially liked the one of the shell casings! I'll look forward to more!

Debbie Irvine

Your Gallery


I am so impressed with your website - smart, easy to navigate but most of all a wonderful place to present your master pieces. Have you thought of a mechanism for people to purchase photo's from your site?

Marielle Murray



I could look at these again and again and probably will! Amazing! L x

The Site

Hi Richard

Just wanted to let you know that I've perused the website. Congratulations on getting this up and running.
Enjoyed the photographs....keep up the good work.
All the best.
Graeme Adlum


Richard - I enjoyed looking at the photos of the Greenland trip. Thanks for letting me know. This brought back good memories. I am grateful Dick and I got to be on the journey to that beautiful at risk part of the world. Take Care, Anne
Anne leibig


We are all heading south and your photos were a beautiful "appetizer"!
Love Louise x
Louise Wall