Invited recently to do a slideshow/talk at Mid Calder camera club by a friend of a friend.

It was a long time coming (invite mid 2010 talk Feb 2011) and wee bit nerves on the night BUT all went well...even ad-libbing at the beginning during the technical difficulties (projector/laptop not speaking to each other).

Pretty positive feedback on the photos (all wildlife) and style of presentation (laidback, conversational and non-technical...because I am not "technical").

On the back of this presentation I have been iinvited to repeat the experience at Livingston camera club next February and at my own club, Haddington (which is a much more nerve wracking prospect than an "away game"!).

Photo Published in Outdoor Photography

Little bit of encouraging news this month when one of my photos, taken at Gullane Point, was chosen as runner up in the Reader's Gallery section of Outdoor Photography magazine.
It has been published in the magazine's May edition, on sale mid April.